Mike has been tattooing for over 25 years. Specializing in custom designs full color and black and grey.Mike uses various techniques and mediums to bring ideas to life, whether it's through illustrations, digital graphics, or traditional methods learned over the years .Mike has a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of creativity, allowing him to produce unique and captivating pieces.With his artistic skills and passion, Mike will always give you his best.



Amanda is a talented tattooer with 14 years experience,who always brings her passion for creativity and love for tattooing to the team.Whether it's creating illustrations, digital artwork, or user interface designs, Amanda leverages her extensive artistic skills to deliver exceptional results. She stays updated with the latest design trends and techniques, constantly pushing the boundaries of her tattooing to provide innovative and visually beautiful pieces.



Ellexis is a skilled artist with over 4 years experience she's a natural talent for creating visually captivating pieces.Ellexis seamlessly merges analog and digital methods to produce stunning illustrations and designs. From meticulously crafted sketches to vibrant and dynamic digital compositions, Ellexis brings imagination to life on the skin.Collaborating closely with Mike and Amanda often,Ellexis translates concepts and ideas into visually powerful tattoos that enhance our brand and captivate her clients.

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